The First One

Hi everyone, my name is Alyssa and thanks for joining me! I hope you enjoy looking through my blog! My main purpose of starting this blog is to share a bit of goodness and joy{e} everywhere I go. I want to inspire other young adults like me to realize their dreams are achievable, that not everything has to look like it came out of a magazine or movie. Why the {e}? You ask. My middle name is Joye. That means I have a little {e}xtra to share with you too! No topic will go untouched on this page, and I openly encourage discussion in a positive way.

I’ve always wanted to have a blog because my passion since I was just a wee youngin’ was writing. Honestly, I have the same novel I have been trying to write since 11th grade still saved on my computer…you know.. just in case I decide to ever finish it. I’ve held myself back, thinking no one would enjoy reading on and on about someone else’s life, that there were already too many blogs out there. Then it dawned on me that I spend a majority of my free time between Pinterest and personal blogger’s websites. Maybe I have something good waiting to share too!

One of my goals on this page is to share content that I would want to read and that I hope all of you that are still here—hanging on to my every word I’m sure—will enjoy too.  I have an affinity to discount department stores, strolling through each aisle to find a good deal.  I love to cook at home, but I am a millennial, so a good brunch is always calling my name.  I put in a lot of time at work, but I love what I do. It makes the day go by quickly. Since I work a lot of hours with the general public, I enjoy my downtime to curl up with a good book or binge watch the newly released Netflix series. I’m on the go a lot as well, which means I’m always looking for something fun to get into on the weekends.

One of my newest interests has become investing my money. Boring, right? I look at it as a fun way to pay myself first before I have to shovel out this money to all the people waiting to take every single penny of my hard earned money. I’m no expert at all. I went through business school and still find myself staring at my IRA wondering what to do with it. If I struggle to understand these topics, I’m guessing a lot of my peers do too. Anything I learn along the way I want to share.

There’s so much more I can’t wait to share, but I will keep it short and sweet for my first one!Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions for me that I should talk about, explore, or look into. I look forward to this journey with you 🙂

Alyssa Joye


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