My First Trip to the Farmers Market

I spend a majority of my time split between three cities in Louisiana. I live in Baton Rouge, but find that most of the fun can be found about an hour away either direction. This weekend, I was in Lafayette for a quiet weekend.

My boyfriend and I woke up early Saturday morning to make it to the Farmer’s Market before the mid-morning crowd. The Lafayette Farmers and Artisan Market is held every Saturday morning at the horse farm. There are trails, wooded areas, and lots of open space. I saw some people camped out with their hammocks, some doing yoga, and a lot just wandering around listening to the live Cajun music. It was a nice refresher from what is normally a nonstop week for me. I could hit pause and enjoy the sun.


While I enjoyed seeing what all the local vendors had to offer, Larry preferred to take his puppy Cannoli for a run in the horse fields. We grabbed some fresh made blackberry lavender tea, and headed down the trails.

Cannoli Bridge

By far, my favorite moment was right before we left. I found myself in front of the Blazing Star Farm’s tent.  There were fresh sunflowers, celosia, and marigolds. I asked for a fresh bouquet and was quite pleased with the outcome. If there’s one thing I enjoy is walking into a home with fresh flowers. Something about them always seems to brighten up a room.

Blazing Star

As the market became a little more busy, we found our way out to pick up a nice lunch. After all, trying to run with a pup can build up quite the appetite. We hit one of my favorite spots in Lafayette—Judice Inn. This burger joint has been around since 1947, and one taste of their burgers won’t leave you guessing why. The simple patties with American cheese and the Judice’s secret sauce is somewhat of a hidden delicacy. 70 years of consistent quality food and friendly customer service will keep Judice Inn one of my top five favorite places to eat.


I wrapped up my afternoon with a food coma nap.  Saturday evening, we grilled ribeye and twice baked potatoes for friends, and ended the evening with some college baseball and board games.

Steak and Potatoes

Back to work on Sunday makes for a short weekend, but I couldn’t have asked for a more refreshing day.

Twice Baked Potato recipe to follow!

Keep it Joyeful,

Alyssa Joye


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